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WifiPad iPhone/iPod Touch

Download WifiPad v1.1 (Free) from the App Store.

WifiPad Server

WifiPad Server for Windows/Mac OS X is required for WifiPad. WifiPad Server requires TCP/UDP port 8989, 8990 to be open in order to operate. Please make the appropriate adjustments to your firewall. Software is provided as-is and comes with no warranty.

Download Description
WifiPadServer-1.1.3-setup.exe Windows XP, Vista
WifiPadServer-1.1.4.dmg Mac OS X Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard v10.4+ (Universal)
Linux Ubuntu 8.04+ x86 (dependancies: uuid-runtime, libqt4-gui, libxtst6)
WifiPadServer-1.1.4-source.tar.gz Source code

v1.1.4: Mac 10.6.3 fix?
v1.1.3: Esc/win key fixes, interface launched on startup (win32)
v1.1.1: Fixes configuration saving bug

WifiPad Creator *alpha*

A utility for creating gamepads. For more information, see the WifiPad Creator webpage.

Git repository

Our GIT repository contains the latest development branches for WifiPad Server. Each of our developers has their own repositories with WifiPad.git being the main repository. To get the latest code you can check it out with the following command:

git clone git://

You may browse the source code with gitweb.