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Q: It doesn't work with (insert name of application here)!
A: Certain applications (such as MAMEOSX, etc..) handle input differently, either reading the hardware directly or using alternate methods. WifiPad is unable to deal with such applications. This is a limitation.

Q: My wireless signal is poor and/or my wireless connection keeps dropping. Is there anyway to improve my connection between my WifiPad client and the server?
A: If your PC has a wireless adapter, then you should consider creating an Ad-hoc wireless network. An Ad hoc network will allow you to directly connect the WifiPad client device to the WifiPad server without going through the wireless router. If your WifiPad server and client are close to each other, this will most likely improve the connection.

For Windows: You can find instructions here on setting up an Ad hoc network here:

For Mac:

Q: Why won't my 2nd generation iPod touch connect to a 2008 Macbook Pro via Wifi?
A: This seems to be a known issue. There is a discussion over at Apple forum:

In this situation, please connect your Macbook to your router by ethernet cable.

Q: How can I quit WifiPad server?
A: Windows: Right click on the WifiPad icon in the taskbar and click on exit.
A: Mac: Command-Q.

Q: Why can't I find WifiPad server from the WifiPad client?
A: There are a number of reasons why this may happen. Ensure that the WifiPad server is up and running and that the PC that's running WifiPad server is connected to the network (whether via Wifi or ethernet).

For Windows, the WifiPad application icon should be in your taskbar.
For Mac, the WifiPad application should be running.

You can find more information about troubleshooting network here:
For Windows:
For Mac:

Also check your firewall settings.

Q: What ports do I have to open in order to run WifiPad?
A: The WifiPad server must have incoming/outgoing TCP port 8989 open as well as incoming UDP port 8989 and outgoing UDP port 8990. Outgoing 8990 is only required for server discovery.

Q: I have changed a gamepad assignment on the WifiPad server. Why is my WifiPad client still sending the old key?
A: Make sure that you are changing the key assignment for the same profile and gamepad that is loaded on your Wifi client. Lastly, make sure that you have clicked "Save" to save the configuration and apply the changes.

Q: How can I uninstall WifiPad server?
A: For Windows: Use the Add/Remove Programs to remove WifiPad. Manually remove c:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\WifiPad to remove your configurations and gamepads.
A: For Mac, drag WifiPadServer to the trash. Manually remove /Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/WifiPadServer to remove your configurations and gamepads.

Q: How can I find the IP address of the WifiPad server?
A: For Windows: ipconfig.
A: For Mac: Bring up terminal and type in ifconfig.

Q: How do I use WifiPad?
A: Read the manual.

Q: Why can't I hold down two buttons with one finger on my WifiPad client?
A: Due to the design of the iPod/iPhone, it is not possible to simulate two buttons down with one finger (or thumb). However, you can use two fingers to hold down two buttons.

Q: How can I play a two player game using two iPhones/iPod Touches?
A: Create two configurations with keybindings for each player. Connect both iPhones/iPod Touches, and select the correct configuration for each player.

Q: Sometimes my buttons don't register, such as pressing a button doesn't do anything or when releasing a button, the button seems to be held down?
A: This is due to poor network conditions. It is recommended to use an Ad-Hoc connection to improve connection quality.

Q: On the Mac OS X server, buttons assigned to the "Control", "Command", or "Options" keys seem not to behave correctly.
A: Just don't use those buttons.

Q: How do I launch WifiPad Server on Linux?
A: From the terminal, type in 'wifipad-server'.